We recognize that, to deliver the quality experience to our clients, we need to provide outstanding career opportunities to talented individuals. Our wide variety of services, opens up, multiple vistas for professionals and non-professionals alike.

We at YandR believe, that we are a product of the collective intelligence of resources like you.

Why Us?

We have a strong and loyal client base, dedicated team of professionals, and impressive network of colleagues in other professional services and industries.

You will benefit from professional development opportunities, including:

  • Technical training
  • Our internal and external training is delivered to keep our team informed on the emerging trends and updated to the changing regulatory landscape. Our Quarterly training programmed provide you with an opportunity to interact and network with our colleagues across branches.
  • Weekly Meetings and Group discussions
  • Non-technical training – You will be provided with skills training to assist you in becoming a trusted business advisor. Our trainers assist with etiquette, negotiation, networking, time and stress management training.
  • We also encourage our resources to pursue additional or further professional or technical education for further advancement in their career.